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  • Phoenix staff became world book day characters


    Staff at Phoenix Academy dressed as characters from their favourite books to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday, 1 March.

    World Book Day is held every year, on 1 March in the United Kingdom, to celebrate and promote reading in schools. It is sponsored by National Book Tokens, which receives funding from publishers, so that books can be donated to schools and community groups.

    Phoenix Academy staff celebrated World Book Day to encourage its pupils to read more, and to engage them in the worlds created by some of the greatest works of literature, such as Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, Alex Rider, and much more.....


    Vera Nazarian, an award-winning author wrote: "Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light."

    Reading is embedded in Phoenix Academy's curriculum, developed with the input of Future Academies' exceptional curriculum centre. We hope that reading will provide more opportunities for Phoenix Academy pupils.

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