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    We firmly believe that students should not only receive a high quality learning experience on a daily basis but also when possible, increase the diversity of their interests, and challenge them beyond the borders of the classroom and school, so that they can become well-rounded individuals able to compete with their local and national peers.

    This is why, this term, we enrolled a group of year 7 students into an exceptional STEM Saturday school programme organised by Latymer Upper School. The students have participated in a series of fun, engaging, and educational workshops and learnt about product development, with an emphasis on engineering, including maths, physics, computing and design. The students were committed and fully immersed in activities demonstrating a high level of understanding, aptitude and thirst for knowledge.

    "Your students are a credit to your school and have been a pleasure to teach. Not only have the students from Phoenix Academy been attentive, polite and engaged, but they have also worked with real enthusiasm and pushed themselves". 

    - Dr. Patrick Drumm, Assistant Head of Extended Projects at Latymer Upper School

    Moving forward, we here at Phoenix Academy will endeavour to continue to enrich our students by offering them the very best opportunities to maximise their potential, and equip them with all that they need to stand shoulder to shoulder with their compeers.

    Phoenix Academy

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    Tel: 020 8749 1141