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  • Revision Advice

    The GCSE and GCE External Examinations will begin on Monday 14th of May and will run until Friday 22nd June. However, there will be some exam components such as the French speaking exam that will take place earlier at the teacher’s discretion. GCSE and GCE results are a very important part of a student’s academic journey.

    The results you get can affect the following:

    • The Sixth Form you go to
    • The qualifications you take next year
    • Your eligibility for a university course
    • The universities you can apply to
    • Your career prospects

    Revision is key to getting a good grade. Some good advice is to start preparation early, revise a little but often and to stick to your plan and reward your success.


    Revision advice

    No student should feel alone with their GCSEs.  We offer a lot of support at Phoenix.  Here are some of the methods of support available:

    • Dr Bertram, Miss Peters and the year 11 tutor team - always on hand to meet the pastoral needs of the students
    • Ms Bellingy, Mr McCarthy and Ms Lord - Interview, CV and Post-16 options support
    • Ms Lynch - in school counsellor to assist students who feel they aren’t coping well with the pressure
    • Ms Wellington, Mr Aubin and the SEN department to guide and support students with additional needs
    • Year 11 only lunch revision sessions - daily in the library
    • Breakfast revision - come and have a free breakfast and revise before you begin your day
    • Revision guides - all year 11 students received guides which they can use to revise


    Useful resources for revision

    To help with revision:

    BBC Bitesize have devised a list of top revision tips

    The Studentroom have flashcards, resources and guides on every subject

    Some good websites to help with exam stress are:

    AQA has some advice on dealing with exam stress before and after an exam

    The family lives website also has advice on exam stress

    Useful resources for parents to support their child:

    The BBC website has useful advice on how a parent can support their child with revision

    Headteachers from different schools offer advice to parents on helping their child to learn and revise effectively


    What can parents do to support?

    "The important thing is structure,” advises Lee Glaser, headmaster at Taunton School, Somerset. “It's not a magic wand answer, but I think that sitting down at the beginning of a long revision period and putting together a revision plan that the parents have knowledge of, is a good idea."

    • Get a copy of your child’s revision timetable and help them to stick to it by supervising them
    • Take away distractions for their revision periods, e.g. phones, tablets and games consoles
    • Ensure they are eating well and drinking plenty of water
    • Be supportive and encouraging during this stressful period
    • Communicate well with the school should you feel you or your child need support
    • Ensure they get plenty of sleep
    • Reduce the time your child spends in front of a screen-this can impact focus, concentration and sleep


    This year we are running a number of intervention sessions for year 11


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