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  • Drop Down Day

    This term, all of year 10 took part in a Science Drop Down Day. Students spent the day engaging with a range of exciting Biology, Chemistry and Physics experiments relevant to their GCSE course.

    All of these experiments are required practicals, which means there may be questions on their GCSE exams specifically about these experiments. For Biology, they used a range of indicators and reagents to test foods for Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates, and they investigated the effect of enzymes on digestion. In Chemistry, they used Chromatography to analyse food colourings, in order to discover the different pigments and dyes mixed together to make the colour. They also used a range of tests to identify the ions present in ionic compounds.  In Physics, they used data-loggers connected to specific computer software to investigate Newton's second law of motion: F=ma.

    Year 10 demonstrated excellent practical skills, working safely and purposefully to discover more about the topics they cover in class. They developed skills in reading and interpreting written instructions, making accurate and relevant scientific observations, analysing and evaluating data and then put this into an exam context.

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