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  • Trampolining success


    Makeda Downer, Emily Brown and Reazan Ali flew to Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Friday 23rd March to compete in the BSGA, British Schools Gymnastics Association, National Trampoline Finals 2018. All the girls were extremely excited (and a little anxious) at competing in a National competition, representing the South East.

    As they entered the Leisure Centre at 8am on the Saturday, it was evident to all, the enormity of what they had achieved thus far. There were over 500 competitors competing in the various categories and already you could feel the tension in the air.

    At around 10am the girls were able to get on the trampolines for their warm-ups and choose which of the two trampolines they would compete on. This was the time that they could size up the opposition and some nerves began to show.

    After the warm-ups, Makeda was first to compete, and with over a thousand people in the Centre watching, she performed with style and fluency. Reazan was next up and pulled out a great performance, as she does when faced with a challenge. Emily was twelfth to compete, so she was able to watch all of her rivals and when it was her turn, she really excelled and was calm and focussed.

    The girls competed their second routine and were happy with all of their efforts.

    At the end of the competition there was a march on with all the morning gymnasts and the winners were announced - Phoenix Flyers came 6th in the competition. The girls were proud of what they had achieved and this has given them a glimpse of what they have to work on. They are now looking forward to representing Phoenix in this year’s school’s competition at the end of the year.

    Well done girls. I am so proud of how far you have come and how well you conducted yourselves, you are a credit to Phoenix Academy.

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