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  • Phoenix praised for Debate Mate and Debate Box performance


    On February 26th 2018, Phoenix Academy proudly hosted the Second and penultimate round of the Urban Debate League, with the Year 11 team participating in an ad hoc KS4 and KS5 tournament near Central London.

    The difference between this round and the previous one was that, this time,  the Phoenix Academy debaters were confidently on the verbal offensive from the start, taking not a moments pause to deliver a series of well-written, sequenced and informed persuasive arguments in order to speech their way to victory –winning all but one of their debates.

    As one of the judges commented “Your groups brought their A-game”. 

    Debate Box

    We have also added to our debating repertoire, Debate Box, a programme designed to appeal students that want to develop their oracy and boxing skills simultaneously. Debate Box, takes place every Thursday, after school form 3.45pm -5.30pm.

    The next competition, The Debate Mate Cup which we successfully qualified for, is on Thursday, the 19th of April at Goldsmith's University.


    Pictured above, our Debateboxers, training for the verbal and physical battle.

    In closing, I would like thank the Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 11 teams for putting in a mammoth effort and making the school incredibly proud.


    Debate Mate and Debate Box are one of the extra-curricular activities that students at Phoenix Academy can get involved in as part of hugely successful Raising Aspirations Enrichment programme.


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