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  • Ambition 2 Success

    Phoenix Academy pupils on an exciting new course about ambition and success. Do you have an ambition but no way of knowing how to achieve it?  This is exactly what a group of hand-picked Phoenix Academy students have been working towards, with facilitators and their parents and carers on a course called ‘Ambition 2 Success’. The course is run by local social entrepreneur, Elise Pacquette, Founder of Funpact and creator of the course.

    At the very beginning of the course, each student set themselves a goal, or goals, to achieve by the end of the course, then spend the rest of the six weeks focusing on the practical aspects to achieving their goal.  These lively, practical, and thought provoking sessions not only equip the pupil, but give parents and carers a real eye-opener into the dreams and aspirations of their child. It’s a truly unique opportunity for parents and carers and children to have a shared understanding of each other’s ambitions and fears.

    By working through the different steps necessary to achieve success, each session focuses on topics such as: the stepping stones to success; important decision making skills; how to overcome barriers and pitfalls; and the tools and resources needed to reach goals. The families leave each session knowing exactly what they need to do in order to achieve their goal, and the passion and drive to do so.

    The students have embraced each session with enthusiasm and a real desire to fulfil their potential at school and beyond.

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