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    Admissions Criteria

    Phoenix Academy is a non-selective academy, with an agreed admissions number of 150 new Year 7 students per academic year. 

    In the event that there are still more preferences expressed than places available, priority will be given in accordance with published over-subscription criteria in the following order:


    1. Children in Public Care, also known as 'looked-after Children,' in the care of the local authority; and children who have been adopted or made subject to child arrangements orders or special guardianship orders immediately following having been looked after.
    2. Young people who the Governors and Principal accept have a professionally-supported exceptional social, educational or welfare need for a place at Phoenix Academy. Parents/carers must supply details of any such special factors at the time of the original application. Such applications will not be considered without professional support, such as a letter or report from a doctor, consultant or social worker that is no more than six months old. All information submitted will be regarded as confidential.
    3.  Brothers and sisters of children already on the roll of the school who will still be in the school at the time the applicant is admitted. This includes half-brothers or half-sisters, adopted brothers or sisters, stepbrothers or stepsisters and the children of the partner of the parent or carer provided that they live at the same address as the applicant.
    4. If in any of the categories 1, 2 or 3 there are more applicants than there are places available, priority will be given to applicants who live nearest the school on the basis described in 4 below. If there are two or more applicants in categories 1, 2 or 3 who live at exactly the same distance from the school, the offer of a place will be decided by random allocation.
    5. To children who live nearest the school. Nearness to the school will be calculated using a straight line (as the crow flies) measurement from the child’s home address point.

    Download our full admissions criteria below.

    How to Apply

    Applications for September 2020 will be managed through the Pan-London coordinated admissions system. Details can be found on the website of the local authority in which you live.

    Admission Appeals

    Please see this guide on how we implement Admission Appeals.


    Phoenix Academy is a highly aspirational school which offers an exceptional education for its students. We pride ourselves on our determination to deliver excellence in every aspect of our provision and develop culturally literate young adults. Our Open Days provide the opportunity to tour the academy, meet the Executive Headteacher, staff and pupils, and to ask any questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you to Phoenix Academy.

    Please view our Open Days page for more information.


    Phoenix Academy

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