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    Headteacher’s Message

    What qualities do our students need to lead successful and fulfilled lives? They need to be able to express themselves clearly in speech and writing, they need to be curious and inquisitive, they need to have the confidence to take risks, and they need to have the resilience to overcome any obstacles in the way of them achieving their ambitions.

    A student with these qualities is also one who aspires to academic excellence. This is why all of us at Phoenix are working to help our pupils achieve the best possible grades in their GCCEs, A levels and BTECs. In today’s competitive economic environment, examination results are the key to the future, and we have an obligation to help our students to do better than they ever thought possible.

    Our aim is for all our students to be successful at school and beyond, and to make a positive contribution to their community throughout their lives. Phoenix Academy has set the pursuit of excellence as its goal. As your headteacher, I will work unstintingly in ensuring that we continually strive to meet that goal.

    Mr M Taylor

    Phoenix Academy

    Phoenix Academy, The Curve, Shepherds Bush, London, W12 0RQ
    Tel: 020 8749 1141