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  • Wellbeing

    Use the drop downs to read about the different types of wellbeing and how they are supported at Phoenix Academy.

     Personal Wellbeing

    A happy and emotionally healthy child is far better placed to make outstanding progress and develop into a well-rounded young person.  The following highlights our commitment to ensuring students are happy in their learning and well informed in making decisions about their mental, physical and social wellbeing.

    Physical Wellbeing   

    • The school PSHE and PE curriculums allow students to understand the requirements of a healthy diet and the importance of exercise on the body and mind.
    • All students participate in a broad and varied PE curriculum, which also includes compulsory swimming lessons.
    • All students attend a compulsory extra-curricular club for one evening per week, provided by the London Sports Trust.
    • A range of sports teams offers opportunities for extended participation

     Mental Wellbeing

    • The PSHE curriculum and half termly ‘Drop Down Days’ support students in understanding how they can make decisions which are good for their mental wellbeing.
    • We have an on-site school councillor who is available for referrals from the student’s year teams if required.
    • We hold fortnightly student support meetings in which all key stakeholders discuss any students who require support and suitable interventions.

    Social Wellbeing

    • Students interact in their age group designated playgrounds to enable them to be with students of the same age and socialise in a calm and safe environment.
    • Our compulsory clubs programme allows students to develop communication, teamwork and cooperation, helping to develop their social skills.
    • Strict no mobile phone policy helps contribute to social and mental wellbeing.  At Phoenix we believe strongly that students should learn to interact on a personal level and not just on social media. This is something that we also teach the benefits of through PSHE.

     Intervention Partners

    We also have many intervention partners who can provide added support in these areas:

    West London Zone provide social, emotional and academic support to 55 of our students. The initiatives and interventions range from core subject support to clubs which allow students to build and develop confidence. 

    Commando Joes is another example of a successful intervention we are able to provide.  Again, they work with students in need of social, emotional and personal support. 

    There are other schemes and initiatives which we feel allow students to feel supported in their time at Phoenix Academy and supplement their learning.


    If you have any concerns about the wellbeing of a child at the academy, please contact the child’s year team, Ms Minors (Child Protection Officer), or Mr Phillips (Designated Safeguarding Person).

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