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  • Academy Uniform

    We take uniform very seriously, as we want students to look smart and take pride in their appearance as ambassadors for the school. Therefore, students must follow the uniform code at all times when on the academy site, as failure to do so could result in a detention of 30 minutes at the end of the school day.

    Repeated infringement of any rules will result in the items being confiscated in accordance with our confiscation policy. 


    Item Requirements
    Plain black coat Pupils can only wear a plain black coat without a visible hood. This can be purchased from our uniform shop or externally.
    Navy Academy Blazer

    To be worn at all times.

    Blazers may be removed in lessons at teacher’s discretion and whilst participating in a break/lunch activity.

    White Shirt

    Top button done up.

    Shirt tucked into trousers or skirt.

    Grey Academy Jumper

    If a jumper is worn, it must be the Academy Jumper but it may not replace the Academy Blazer.

    Academy Tie

    Knot to be pulled up tight, covering top button on shirt.

    Tie must be worn long enough that it reaches the top of the trouser/skirt and that the tick is visible.

    Charcoal Grey Academy Skirt (Knee- or Ankle-Length)

    To be worn at the appropriate length.

    Charcoal Grey Academy Trousers

    To be worn at full length.

    Not tucked into socks.

    Skinny trousers are not allowed.


    To be worn at all times.

    They must be black formal flat shoes with black stitching and black laces.


    Plain black or plain charcoal grey ankle socks.

    Tights must be plain black or blue, without patterns.

    Academy bag The Phoenix Academy bag is available to purchase through the uniform shop.




    Phoenix Academy

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    Tel: 020 8749 1141