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    EXECUTIVE Headteacher’s Message

    Welcome to Phoenix Academy. We are an academy that believes we can get the very best out of every child through the twin pillars of our rigorous academic curriculum, and an extensive enrichment programme.

    Our academic curriculum is at the heart of school life and ensures that all students get the opportunity to study academic disciplines and extend their thinking beyond everyday understandings.

    Alongside the classroom experience, we place equal value on wider life experiences. We have a tremendous adventure learning programme that is designed to ensure every student experiences the awe and wonder of the natural world and are heavily invested in debating and public speaking programmes.

    Many of our students also get involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Programme. Our Phoenix passport enables every student to participate in a wide range of activities to help them develop into confident, articulate and resilient young people.

    Every child, regardless of background or prior achievement, can be successful if given great teaching and pastoral support.

    As part of Future Academies, we have access to world class staff training and development, as well as expertise from the Curriculum Centre and Teaching School.

    Being part of a family of schools ensures that we can keep learning and evaluating our impact to ensure that every child who comes to Phoenix leaves as a well-rounded and polite individual with the drive and resources to lead a happy and successful life.

    Mr T. MacDowell, Principal

    Phoenix Academy

    Phoenix Academy, The Curve, Shepherds Bush, London, W12 0RQ
    Tel: 020 8749 1141